Pictures Turkuman Dwight Sox

German judge Ms R. Popp wrote the following critique at National Dog Show Kleindöttingen, Switzerland on August 16th, 2003:

“14 months, red/black masked, complete scissor bite, attractive dog with rich coat, distinguished head with dark eye. Excellent angulations all over, well developed chest, movement with unbelievable dash and temperament,
still a bit immature, friendly character, ex 2”

Since, despite his immense temperament, he finished three championships and developed to a determined sportsman in coursing and racing without any disqualification during his four active years in racing and coursing.
A sporty Showman as his father A’Motec-Zuma and
an attractive and powerful sport as his mother
Julie Turkuman.


below: Dwight Sox - winner of the
Swiss Coursing Championship 2007

Dwight Sox winning Swiss Clubshow 2007 BOS, judge Ms C. Aymaretti, Italy

Dwight Sox finishing Austrian Championship
at Intern. All Breed Dog Show Oberwart/Austria
in July 2007

Zurich-Championship 2004 at Rifferswil Race track - at the oldest Swiss Sighthound Racing Club

Pics by Rolf Pfenninger

left: Dwight Sox racing next to the rail, all left - with his special tactic cutting in from the outside is Sox’ litter brother Dschipak


left: the three Daruma’s in challenge
left: Daruma’s Conquest of Paradise, 3rd to finish.

centre: Dwight Sox, 2nd to finish, winning the title of Beauty & Performance

at right: his litter brother Dschipak, winning this race.

MCh. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox - on top of his world at Daruma’s home

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