Pictures A'Motec-Zuma

at right:
almost 12 years old
below in summer 2007 running after his beloved Coral Crest

1999 at Intern. Dog Show
Dornbirn/Austria, judge Mr.
M. Steinbacher wrote about the two years old A’Motec-Zuma:
“Impressively built dog, magnificient proportions,
on the tall side, very brilliant charisma, magnificient head long and elegant, ears well set, complete strong scissor bite, oblique dark eyes, beautifully black masked, elegant neck, enough depth of chest, strong parallel front, well set shoulder, good elbows, elegant strong back, beautiful tail set, very good angulations, deep hooks, foot well set, excellent coat, presents himself assertive, flowing gait with much thrust, balenced character.



above: Veteran RBIS at Intern. All Breed Dog Show at Szombathely/Hungary
at right: BOB, Vet. BOB and 3rd Group 10
at Intern. All Breed Dog Show Salzburg/Austria

Another beautiful summer: Beloved
A’Motec-Zuma in our rose garden

Running for ever remained
A’Motec-Zuma’s great passion - nevertheless he retired from active racing end of 2000
as Swiss Overall Winner
Beauty & Performance 2000
to continue his international show career.
A time of unforgettable successes in the show ring followed.

St. Moritz in February 1999
Races on snow on the frozen lake.

at right: finish

First start for the A-litter in a full field of 6  afghans - a hurdle race over 480 meters: A’Motec-Zuma takes the win, A’Mithrash-Fu 2nd, Akasha 3rd!

Racing licence with 18 months in Nov. 1998
Above: A’Motec-Zuma (at right) coursing training with his litter brother A’Mithrash-Fu (at left)

Left: Hard to control his temperament in the show ring - young A’Motec-Zuma is handled by our friend and breeder Dieter Grams, Bersheba’s Sloughis.

14 months old A’Motec-Zuma babysitting the 5 weeks old Daruma’s
B-puppies. In this very hot summer days Motec was digging cool mud wholes for the beloved little ones.

A’Motec-Zuma dancing with his litter-brother A’Mithrash-Fu

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