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To Daruma’s A-litter 10th birthday

Merry Christmas
and a
Happy 2008

from left:
MCh. Daruma’s Boccherini- Bruegel
Goya-Denali Kala Saidan
MCh. Daruma’s
Daruma’s Czardas-Caravaggio
Daruma’s Turkuman Dschipak
MCh. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox

December 2007

December 9th   Annual closing Party at Swiss Racing Club SWRV Rifferswil
Awards of Swiss Multi Cup 2007
(results of show, coursings and racings)

A little “gold rush”  for the award winners!
What a nice idea instead of a
tin cup. Our sincere thanks to the oldest Swiss racing club!

Thanks to Rolf Pfenninger for the great pics.

Winner Swiss Multi Cup 2007
Adulja az Nur Aftab wins the trophy
owners: Heidi + Urs Hunziker,
Kala Saidan
(a daughter of Daruma’s A’Zaruma-Faricka x
MCh. Daruma’s Conte Monte Christo)

2nd place Swiss Multi Cup 2007
MCh. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox
(a son of MBIS MCh. Daruma’s A’Motec-
Zuma x “Julie” Turkuman)
What a great year for our Sox:
he finished his second and third championship (Austrian and Swiss), became 2007 Swiss Clubwinner and
Swiss Coursing Champion!

December 2nd

Daruma’s A’Zaruma and three of her daughters by MCh. Daruma’s Conte Monte Christo,
Amesha, Asmanij and Adulija Az Nur Aftab with co-breeder Ernst

meeting Santa Claus and his helpers
on this first December Sundays’ walk

November 2007

Happy Birthday to Juliette de Bairacli-Levy
The world famous herbalist, writer and breeder of the legendary Turkuman Afghans
celebrates her 95th birthday on November 11th.
Juliette is the breeder of our late “Julie Turkuman” Nuh Belae Turkuman Hennah,
mother of Daruma’s D-litter.

Juliette de Bairacli-Levy with the first black champion in GB - a Turkuman!

Juliette in July 2002 with a
Julie-puppy of Daruma’s D-litter.

Below and left:

This ist our now 10 1/2 years old
MBIS MCh. Daruma’s A’Motec-Zuma (also an Austrian Champion) as a visitor at Intern. Show Oberwart/Austria 2006 -
a day later he won veteran BIS
at Intern. Show in nearby Szombathely/Hungary.

November 11th

National Field Coursing
at Aarau, Switzerland

Darumas Czŕrdŕs-Caravaggio
gets his coursing license today.

We are looking forward to the
season 2008 when he will be allowed to compete licensed.

November 7th

What a surprise when we visited today
the website of the Austrian Kennel Club

scrolling down the opening page!

Alexander Dobernig, an organiser of the
Pet Fair Vienna 2007,
shot this pic (far left) of our A’Motec- Zuma at Oberwart in 2006.

With his kind permission we share
our darling greeting from a mega-
skyscraper flag 120 x 600 cm
with you.

October 2007

October 21st, International Dog Show Lausanne, Switzerland
Judge: Mr. St. Stefik, Slovakia

MCh. Daruma’s Conte
Monte Christo:

Daruma’s Czŕrdŕs-

MCh. Daruma’s Turkuman
Dwight Sox:
CAC and new
Swiss Champion

MCh. Daruma’s Coral Crest

August 2007

pic above by Jadranka

pic above by Ramon

August 26th

Judge:Ms. Andreja Novak, Slovenia
National Dog Show Trvbolje, Slovenia

MCh. Daruma’s Conte Monte Christo (pic left)
ex 1, CAC, BOB,
winner Group 10

August 26th
Judge: Mr. Olaf Knauber, Germany
Nat. Dog Show Innsbruck/Austria
Daruma’s Czardas-Caravaggio
Open Class ex 2, RCAC
Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox
wins the Working Class ex 1, CAC

August 25th
Judge: Dr. Orietta Zilli, Italy
Intern. Dog Show Innsbruck/A
Daruma’s Czardas-Caravaggio
Open Class ex 2, RCAC
Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox
wins in Working Class ex 1, CAC
and finishes his
Austrian Championship!
(pic left at Oberwart July 07, winning his 3rd CAC)

August 19th
Judges Sig. Vito Zambelli, Italy
BOG Siga Paola Bortolotto, Italy
BIS Sg. Zacco Pier Secondo, Italy
National All Breed, Sacile, Italy

MCh. Daruma’s Conte Monte Christo
wins ex 1, CAC, BOB, BOG and

Great day. Well done, Conte,
and thank you Sanda for the fine handling.



August 11th
Judge: Mr. A. de Wilde, Belgium
National Specialty Rhyn-Pokal at Kleindöttingen, Switzerland

Daruma’s Czardas-Caravaggio
wins the Open Class ex 1, CAC
(pic left)

July 2007

July 21st
Judge: Mr. Günther Ehrenreich, Austria
Intern. Dog Show Oberwart/Austria
Daruma’s Czardas-Caravaggio
wins the Open Class ex 1, CAC and RCACIB
Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox
wins the Working Class ex 1, CAC

July 22nd
Judge: Mr. Branislav Raic, Slovenia
Intern. Dog Show Szombathely/Hungary
Daruma’s Czardas-Caravaggio
ex 2, RCAC in Open Class
MCh. Daruma’s Conte Monte Christo
takes ex 1, CAC out of six in Champion Class and RCACIB

above from left: Sanda with Conte Monte Christo, Péter Kottra (Faricka kennel, Hungary) with Conte’s litter-brother Czardas-Caravaggio and Heidi with Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox.

June 2007

June 24th: Daruma’s Kennel Party for the 10 years old A-litter on a beautiful summerday at Rifferswil Racetrack with Daruma’s A, B, C and D families and friends - over 25 golden Afghan Hounds black masked. Pics of this unforgettable day online.

Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox wins
Swiss Coursing Championship 2007

June 17th at Rifferswil/Zurich:

Dwight Sox wins this great title on his 5th birthday. What a day!

June 17th: Happy 5th Birthday
to the Daruma’s Turkuman D-litter
(MBIS MCH. Daruma’s A’Motec-Zuma x BIS Nuh Belae Turkuman Hennah “Julie”)
Love and best wishes
to Delhi and her brothers Dahan Ghazni, Djagai, Dschipak and Dwight Sox

May 2007

May 28th 2007:
Field Coursing, Aarau/Switzerland
Never ending rain today. Cool for the running hounds, awful for their handlers.
MCh. Daruma’s Coral Crest
2nd behind her litter sister Celestial Coraçon
Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox
Great first run over the 700 meters. 2nd run with
a detour through a pool - takes up chase again, gains speed and hits the lure first - 5th place.
left: Sox and Coral as training partners at home


May 27th 2007:
National Specialty Versoix, Geneva/Switzerland
Judge Ms Tatjana Deres, Russia

MCh. Daruma’s Boccherini-Bruegel
ex 1 Veteran CAC/BOB
Bruegel fulfills with this win the require- ments for the Swiss Veteran Championship

Daruma’s Czardas Caravaggio ex 2 RCAC



May 26th 2007:
Intern. Show Portoroz/Slovenia
Judge Mr Stelios Makaritis, Greece

MCh. Daruma’s Conte Monte Christo
The power-duo Sanda and Conte finish one more championship:

Conte fulfills herewith the requirements for the Slovenian Championship.

Congratulations to Sanda and Conte.

Left: Sanda with the Multi-Champion duo litter brother/sister Daruma’s Conte Monte Christo and Daruma’s Coral Crest.

Happy 9th Birthday to Daruma’s B-litter

May 19th
Best wishes for
all B-litter-brothers and -sisters and love
to their owners.

Left Daruma’s from left to right: Britten-Bodhisattwa, Coral Crest, Boccherini-Bruegel

May 17th 2007:
Swiss Clubwinner Show, Lotzwil
Judge Ms C. Aymaretti, Italy
Heavy rain for the whole show! Very sporty event. Muddy ground full of wholes, many falls, handlers and afghans wet over all!

Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox
ex 1 CAC/Clubwinner 2007 BOS
Pictured left
MCh. Daruma’s A’Motec-Zuma
ex 1 Veteran CAC/BOB
MCh. Daruma’s Boccherini-Bruegel
ex 2 Veteran RCAC
MCh. Daruma’s Coral Crest ex 1 CAC

Pictures by Rolf Bosch who provided
full photo cover of the club show. Thank you.

Happy 10th birthday
to Daruma’s-A-litter

 May 13th 2007:

10 years old
MCh. Daruma’s
greets his A-litter brothers and sisters

with a breeder’s group win May 12th
at International All Breed Dog Show St. Gallen/Switzerland
under judge
FCI-President Hans W. Müller

pic left from right to left
four Daruma’s Champions
with in total 17 championships:

MBIS MCh. A’Motec-Zuma, his son Ch. Turkuman Dwight Sox,
his niece BIS MCh. Coral Crest and his nephew
MCh. Conte Monte Christo

May 5th:
National Dog Show Rifferswil/Switzerl.
Judge Ms R. Wagner from Luxembourg
Heavy rain during the whole show.

MCh. Daruma’s Boccherini-Bruegel
wins again Veteran CAC/BOB. Later in
the ring of honour under Dutch judge Mr. Jipping Veteran Best-in-Show. Pic left

MCh. Daruma’s Coral Crest
wins ex 1 CAC/BOS in Champion class
pic left below and her brother

Daruma’s Czardas-Caravaggio
gets ex 2, RCAC in open class, his other sister

Daruma’s Celestial Coraçon
vg 4 in open class

Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox
wins CAC in working class.

The sons of Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox and Daruma’s Celestial Coraçon, Giocondo Kala Saidan won Junior CAC/BOB and his brother
Gassur Kala Saidan Junior RCAC,
our Goya Denali Kala Saidan vg 3.

The daughter of MCh. Daruma’s Conte Monte Christo and Daruma’s A’Zaruma-Zahara Faricka Adulija Az Nur Aftab
wins ex 1, CAC out of working class.

April 2007

April 29th, 2007
Last night at Rocking River Ranch of our niece Dr. Chantal Spleiss, Sandy had her foal that was expected by many and meets every expectation you can have for a foal: this colt sired by Ka Cee Smoker is healthy and born very strong, well balanced and a – with and shows lots of athleticism already. Outstanding color! He is for sale.

He is simply gorgeous! of_sandy.html


April 21st, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday
to the Darumas C-litter

(Bou Saâda’s Jordan Black Hot Shot x
Daruma’s Ayesha-Hikuri)

Breeder: Heidi Rohrer, Switzerland

Love and best wishes
to the sisters Celestial Coraçon, Coral Crest
and the brothers Cartouche-Camelot,
Celtic Crown, Conquest of Paradise,
Conte Monte Christo, Czardas-Caravaggio

Left: MCh. Coral Crest in full coursing action, her new passion achieved in 2006:
 lot’s of fun and hope for puppies 2007


April 13th, 2007

Friday, April 13th, what a lucky omen!
At Rocking River Ranch/Canada Poca had her foal in the middle of a snow storm - a sweet colt sired by Ka Cee Smoker.
This colt is foundation eligible
(FQHA: ~ 92%) and will be a dun or possibly grullo.

Visit him at

March 2007

Throughout March 2007

MCh. Darumas Conte Monte Christo

acted four times a week live on stage
in a theatre play called “The Glembays” at Rijeka/Croatia as Igor Baroness’ Castelli’s
dog. The Baroness was played by famous Croatian Popsinger Severina. Conte was cared for by his co-owner Sanda Terzic.
Croatian TV, Rieka press and the theatre audience were frenetic about him, offering Conte standing ovation.

March 15th:
Happy 11th Birthday
to the T-litter el Gha’eb Santanna
(Ch. Kefalaris Sunset Strip x Ch. Senise Kalli Hab el Gha’eb Santanna)
Breeder: Sanda Terzic, Croatia

and especially to Conte’s kennel gang:
Ch. Talisman, Ch. Khamon (left) and Treena
el Gha’eb Santanna, living at Sanda’s home.

Best wishes to all sisters and brothers.

March 22nd:
Happy 1st Birthday
to the G-litter Kala Saidan
Breeder: Urs und Heidi Hunziker, Switzerland

Our sunnyboy Goya-Denali Kala-Saidan
is celebrating his first birthday.

We thank Heidi and Urs Hunziker for this gorgous boy, a son of
Daruma’s Celestial Coraçon x Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox

Best Birthday-wishes to pretty sister Giselle and crazy brothers Giocondo and Gassur.

March 25th:
Happy 3rd Birthday
to the A-litterAz Nur Aftab
(MCh. Daruma’sConte Monte Christo x
Daruma’s A’Zaruma-Faricka)
Barbara Born and Ernst Urech, Switzerland

Best wishes for all ten girls and boys
living in Switzerland, Germany and Croatia
from the homes of Az Nur Aftab and Daruma’s.

Left: Amesha and Asmanij Az Nur Aftab

February 2007

February 10th,
Intern. Dog Show Fribourg/Switzerland
Judge Ms D. Getzinger, Austria

MCh. Daruma’s Boccherini-Bruegel
Veteran CAC/BOB.
She is still full of the great and typical temperament inherited from her famous father MCh. Verdi von Katwiga,

Daruma’s Czardas-Caravaggio
gets ex 2, RCAC in open class.

Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox
gets ex 2, RCAC in working class.




End of February

Our lovely Daruma’s Turkuman Delhi
definitively settled with our friends
Simonne and Max Mueller, long standing owners of the late Dali-Daruma el Aramis daughters Ninja and Nadine
el Tschaikhana.


January 2007

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Little Goya Kala Saidan is thrilled about the visit of young Lulu, following her everywhere. She is a young  Australian Heeler belonging to our niece Chantal, living in Canada and our sister Gianna.