MCh. Binah o'Shay Shooni

June 7th 1992 -
February 2nd 2005

Worldwinner MCh. Quirin
v.d. Irminsul x
Prisca v.d.Irminsul

Edeltraud Liesfeld, Germany
Rohrer/Spleiss, Switzerland

Austrian Champion
Hungarian Champion
International Champion

Winner 1995
Swiss Club Winner 1993


Pedigree and
more Binah pics

1998 Mother of B-litter 4/3
by Multi Ch. Verdi von Katwiga

2002 Grandmother of F-litter -/1
Kala Saidan, Switzerland


“A true Afghan -
she looks at you and she looks through you”

(Judge C. Brandenberger, Switzerland).

Binah gave us love and pleasure for almost
13 years. She remains an unforgettable family member for her unmatched qualities, great pride and unlimited affection, living on in her
Daruma’s B-children. We miss her badly!
A sweet memory remains in our hearts!