MBIS Ch. Pahlawi Puttin'on the Ritz


Shirkden Shazam x Alarickhan’s Jehada Pahlavi

Karen Wagner, USA

MBIS Amer. Champion

Amongst Taco’s
achivements are:

3 AHCA National Specialty BOB wins 1989, 91, 92
3 Westminster KC BOB wins 1987, 93, 94
over 50 Specialty BOBs
Multiple All-breed BIS winner
Sire, grandfather etc. of many top winning offsprings

Father of
Dali-Daruma el Aramis


To Taco’s son Dali-Daruma el Aramis

To Taco’s grandson Daruma’s A’Motec-Zuma and A-litter

To Taco’s great-grand-children Daruma’s C-litter

To Taco’s great-grand-children Daruma’s D-litter

Dear Karen Wagner, I will never forget this visit! Thank you for the private meeting with your unforgettable Taco at your home. Heidi Rohrer

pic above by Heidi Rohrer

pics above and below provided by Karen Wagner