Kharamon of Ghazni

1987 - 2001

Parjuam of Ghazni x
DuMay’s Andromeda of Ghazni

Carlotta Wolseley, USA

Father of our
“Julie Turkuman”
Nuh Belae Turkuman Hennah

Of Ghazni-breeder
Carlotta Wolseley was very interested in connecting her black Kharamon of Ghazni with the double import-descending Turkuman Wild Swan Lily, resulting in a great litter, e.g. Nuh Belae Turkuman Hennah alias “Julie Turkuman”.

Kharamon of Ghazni

left: his great-grand-mother
Kallila of Ghazni came 1984 with Carlotta Wolseley from Kabul/Afghanistan via New Delhi to the USA.

On September 8th, 2003 Carlotta Wolseley had a
“of Ghazni”-litter by Daruma’s Turkuman Dahan Ghazni x Yasmin of Ghazni. She again succeded in joining her genuine Kallila of Ghazni-line with the old Turkumans and in addition to blend with famous Taco/USA and old European lines.