Family-pages in re-construction, available soon one after the other

Daruma’s Family
and their friends

Ch. Faricka Jiftalh Jefta
and her Daruma’s A-kids

Turkuman worldwide
and her Daruma’s D-kids

El Tschaikhana/Switzerland
Dali-Daruma and his N-kids

Kala Saidan/Switzerland
Daruma’s Ayesha, Britten, Celeste and their kids

Az Nur Aftab/Switzerland
Daruma’s A’Zaruma
and her Az Nur Aftab kids

Jahera/Great Britain
Daruma’s A’Zarathustra
and his Jahera kids

of Ghazni/USA
Daruma’s Turkuman Dahan
and his of Ghazni kids

el Gha’eb Santanna/Croatia
Daruma’s Coral Crest and
Conte Monte Christo

pics following soon


Dieter, his Sloughis+Podencos

of Goldenqueen
MCh. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox kids