Daruma's A'Zaruma-Zahara Faricka

May 13th 1997 - February 26th 2009
MCh. Dali-Daruma el Aramis x Ch. Faricka Jiftalh Jefta)

Barbara Borner and Ernst Urech
Az Nur Aftab Afghans

Very, very sad about
the loss of unforgettable sweet A’Zaruma.

She lives on in her ten most wonderful
"Az Nur Aftab"-kids,
bred by her owners Barbara & Ernst

A’Zaruma travelled each summer to the Côte d’Azur, above pictured with two of her pretty daughters

A’Zaruma was a great teaching mother for her puppies
below pictured with seven of her 10 12-weeks old...

A’Zaruma as young lady on German Donaueschingen-show.

A’Zaruma was travelling a lot
enjoying a nice life with Barbara and Ernst - below in ski holidays.

... and as proud mom with her great Az Nur Aftab

Two of her daughters remained with mom A’Zaruma and furtheron joined the travelling party too, as at right and below again at the French Mediterranean.

A’Zaruma at the 10th birthday-Party of the A-litter 2007 and 2008, 11 years old -
what a lovely lady at any time of her life!