4/1  17.06.2002                             MCh. Daruma’s A’Motec-Zuma x PEDIGREE                           Nuh Belae Turkuman Hennah “Julie”  

Daruma’s Turkuman

Dahan Ghazni
Dwight Sox


Left: Julie de Bairacli-Levy with Nuh Belae Turkuman Hennah alias “JULIE” and our MCh. Daruma’s A’Motec- Zuma - shortly before the D-litter was born

Please scroll down for adult pics of D-litter

Dschipak & Dwight Sox in Puppy lesson

Dahan leaving for USA

from left: Djagai, Delhi, Dwight Sox and Dschipak, after Dahan left.

2007: D-litter 5 years old
our Dwight Sox finished the annual Swiss coursing mastership 2007 as winner! Just a month ago he was Swiss Afghanhound Clubwinner 2007. And furthermore finished two Championships - the Hungarian and the Austrian, later in 2007 also the Swiss.

Jutta and beloved Djagai alias Kashan

Delhi: Swiss Clubwinner 2008
Racing + Coursing licensed, very successful starts before she retired after severe injury

Dwight Sox: Multi Champion, Swiss Clubwinner 2007 + winner Swiss Coursing Mastership 2007, father of G-litter at Swiss Afghanhound Kennel Kala Saidan

Dschipak: Racing + Coursing licensed, very fast on the track - when he decides to run the full round. Clipped due to skin problems.



Dahan Ghazny - the litter brother living in USA. Above: Carlotta showing him
at Cape Cod Kennel Club. Dahan going BOB under judge Ms Carol Reisman.
Dahan is the father of the Ghazni litter born late 2003 in USA.