Coursing 2007

Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox
won the Swiss Coursing Championship 2007
on his 5th birthday, June 17, above and at right

June 17th, 2007
This years’ Swiss Coursing Championships were held on
a beautiful summer Sunday on the fields nearby the club-
house of the Swiss Sighthound Racing Club Rifferswil near Zurich, the oldest of the five Swiss Sighthound Racing Clubs.

It was carried out with the overhead-endless wire system designed by Urs Hunziker, Afghan Hound breeder of Kala Saidan and President of Swiss Sighthound Racing Club.

At the start were: 4 females, 14 males.
The 2 senior males and 3 senior females competing
in one class as “Seniors mixed”

With a fine first run and with an outstanding second performance over a distance of 850 m Dwight Sox finished as the winner proving his qualities not only in the showring, but also as a fair, fast and clever hunter with stamina and eagerness.
What a 5th birthday!

pics above and below
by Urs Alder

Beautiful glass medal

Sox (with red collar) dominating the first runover 850 meters with partner U’Bekele el Sahir.

 pic by Corinne Trümpler

Sox performs a perfect 2nd run over 850 meters, jumps the hurdles with speed and courage and finishes with a powerful demonstration of his excellent condition. He wins the medal 2007.

Below males:
Winner Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox by breeder/owner Rohrer/Spleiss
2nd Shaad of Goldenqueen (breeder/owner Zürcher), 3rd Ana Shakti’s Amun (owner Allemann),
4th (at far right) Aramis-Amory az Nur Aftab by owner Lüscher (both parents of Daruma’s).

Below females: Winner Usuni el Sahir (breeder/owner Mausberg), 2nd Sumaya of Goldenqueen (breeder/owner Zürcher), 3rd Adulija az Nur Aftab (both parents Daruma’s, owner Hunziker),
4th Sajada of Goldenqueen (breeder/owner Zürcher). Far left: Urs Hunziker  pic below by Urs Alder

below: Adulija az Nur Aftab, a daughter of Daruma’s A’Zaruma-Faricka x MCh. Daruma’s Conte Monte Christo, breeder Borner, owner Hunziker)                                   pic below by Urs Alder

Below seniors mixed: Winner (male) Reda-Shadi Taziban (owner Zürcher),
2nd (male) el Rashid von der Chocly (owner Gulino), 3rd (female) C’Sarah al Ghazi (owner Eisenring), 4th (female) MCh. Daruma’s Coral Crest (breeder/owners Rohrer/Terzic),
5th (female) Daruma’s Celestial Coraçon (owner Hunziker)                        pic below by Urs Alder

All participants
got a beautiful glass medal with
its rank engraved
as the two Daruma’s C-litter sisters


Pic at right by Urs Alder

at left: 4th (female)
MCh. Daruma’s Coral Crest
with Heidi Rohrer,
Daruma’s Afghans
 (breeder/owners Rohrer/Terzic),
at right: 5th (female)
Daruma’s Celestial Coraçon
with Heidi Hunziker,
Kala Saidan Afghans
(owner Hunziker)

above left and right
MCh. Daruma’s Coral Crest in full action 

and at right her litter brother:
Daruma’s Conquest of Paradise
               pics by Corinne Trümpler

Daruma’s waiting for the results:
sitting at right:
Heidi with winner-to-be Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox

centre: Iren with Czardas-Caravaggio
(visitor only) and his litter-sister Coral Crest

left: Heidi Hunziker of Afghans Kala Saidan Switzerland with
Adulija az Nur Aftab:

Great Sunday for participants and visitors at Rifferswil Sighthound Racing Grounds

pic above and at right: Rolf Pfenninger

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