Clubshow 2008

On May 31st, CAC-Show at Rifferswil/Zurich the Swiss Afghan Hound Club hold his yearly Clubshow. Judge:
Mr. G. Ehrenreich, Austria

Our Daruma’s Czardas-
finished as Swiss Clubwinner BOB 2008, later getting RBIS of Rifferswil Sighthound-
(at right + below)

At right: Czardas going BOB at the hand of our friend Dieter Grams -
thank you Dieter for the fine performance.
And thank you, Silke Hopf, for this great pic!

Picture at right: Silke Hopf

Daruma’s Turkuman Delhi
won ex 1 CAC out of Open Class, Best Bitch and
Swiss Clubwinner BOS 2008.

She has the charming attitude of her late mother “Julie Turkuman” and when moving - the showmanship of her father MCh. Daruma’s A’Motec-Zuma.

Great girl - thank you Simonne and Max for what you did for her!

Winner of the breeders’ class at Swiss Club Show 2008/Sighthound Specialty at Rifferswil with Daruma’s Delhi, -Czardas-Caravaggio, MCh. -Dwight Sox, MCh. A’Motec-Zuma and
MCh. Boccherini-Bruegel - representing Daruma’s A-, B-, C- and D-litter.

Picture at left: Rolf Pfenninger

All pictures not specially marked are by Max Müller - thank you Max for handling three cameras!

MCh. Daruma’s Dwight Sox -
our boy with the unbelievable temperament in the ring, in the coursing and in racing.

ex 1 CAC
in Champion class

with a first place in racing next day Sox wins one more time

Beauty &

Left and below

below: Our 11 years old Multi Ch. Daruma’s A’Motec-Zuma is still a very beautiful showman and in his element whenever in a showring. ex 1 V-CAC, V-BOB

Best-in-Show of the over 8 years old veterans. Our beloved 11 years old MCh. Daruma’s A’Motec-Zuma handeld by Iren at far left. At far right Dieter showing his Worldwinner Podendo Ibicenco MCh. Rosenhill’s Unique Coquette, 10 years old.

Below: Open class winner Czardas (handled by Dieter), Veteran class winner 11 years old A’Motec-Zuma (handled by Erich) in the BOB-ring.

Our beloved youngster Goya-Denali Kala Saidan’s coat is slowly growing after being clipped 2007 due to a severe skin problem and it’s far from show condition. Nevertheless - he was part of the Clubshow at Heidi’s hand.

MCh. Daruma’s Boccherini-Bruegel, also already a Swiss Veteran Champion - is still in great shape at over 10 years. She is accompanying Czardas-Caravaggio on international trips, shown in 2008 again in Champion class. Today: ex1 CAC with Iren

The Swiss Clubshow 2008 Finale:
Daruma’s Czardas-Caravaggio winning BOB under judge Mr. Ehrenreich, Austria
Daruma’s Turkuman Delhi
was not in the mood to look into Czardi’s face - impossible to present her properly for the final pic below.

Ring of honour for the Best-in-Show competition at Sighthound-show at Rifferswil, judged by Ms Birgit Piesik, Germany:

Swiss Afghanhound Clubwinner 2008 Daruma’s Czardas-Caravaggio finishing
May 31st at the Rifferswil Sighthound Specialty as
RBIS - what a fine performance
, handled by our friend Dieter Grams.
Thank you - estimed judges Ms. Piesik and Mr. Ehrenreich. Thank you - Dieter.

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