Clubshow 2007

May 17th, 2007 at Lotzwil
Judge: Signora Cynzia Aymaretti of Gran Pamir Afghans, Italia
Photos: Rolf Bosch

Ch. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwight Sox - Swiss Clubwinner 2007 BOS (left)
Fantagiro al Jalalabad - Swiss Clubwinner 2007 BOB
(female right)

Below: Male open class - presentation to the judge:
Daruma’s Czaradas Caravaggio 2nd from right, handled by Iren.

Presenting movement several handlers slipped and fell on to the muddy ground.

Iren went off headlong into the mud and retired with Czardas.

Daruma’s entries: Males
open class: Czardas Caravaggio (above)
champion class: Ch. Dwight Sox ex 1 CAC

Swiss Clubwinner 2007 BOS
vet moue at right
veteran class: MCh. A’Motec-Zuma (father of the clubwinner)

Entries Daruma’s family
junior class: Gicondo Kala Saidan ex 3
(at right son of the clubwinner Sox)

Left: MBIS MCh. Daruma’s
A’Motec- Zuma

10 years old, the only ever Swiss bred
8 times champion with racing license and a hurdle race win.
himself a Swiss Clubwinner twice)

Below: Presentation for Best Male
from left to right: Junior class, Intermediate class, Open class, Champion class (Heidi with Dwight Sox), Veteran class (Iren with A’Motec-Zuma)

Showing movement for Best Male: father and son.
Left Heidi with Dwight Sox and Iren behind with 10 years old A’Motec-Zuma - the judge
Ms Aymaretti decided for Dwight Sox as best male

Below: Female open class - presentation.
3rd from left: golden girl Farabi Kala Saidan with Urs Hunziker

Entries Daruma’s family
open class: Farabi Kala Saidan vg (left and above centre)
working class: Adulija Az Nur Aftab ex 1 CAC (below)

Daruma’s entries: Females
champion class:
MCh. Daruma’s Coral Crest ex 1 CAC (above)
veteran class:
MCh. Daruma’s Boccherini-Bruegel, 9 years old
ex 2 RCAC (at right and below)

Below: Presentation for Best Female from left to right:
Junior class, Intermediate class (BOB and Clubwinner), Open class, Working class (Urs Hunziker with Adulija), Champion class (Iren with Coral Crest), Veteran class (missing)

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