5/2  21.04.2001                   Bou Saâda’s Jordan Black hot shot x
PEDIGREE                                       Daruma’s Ayesha-Hikuri  

Conte Monte Christo
Conquest of Paradise
Czardas Caravaggio

Celestial Coraçon
Coral Crest

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for adult pics of C-litter

C-litter kids to be 7 years old in 2008

From left: Czardas-Caravaggio, Coral Crest, Conquest of Paradise, Celestial Coraçon, Cartouche-Camelot, Celtic Crown - Conte Monte Christo missing on this pic
in front: Whippet lady MCh. “Flo” taking the parade ...

above left: Celtic Crown
above: Conquest of Paradise
left: BIS MCh. Conte Monte Christo


below twice: MCh. Coral Crest
(Swiss coursing and racing licenced)

As Mama Ayesha, the Cs love to run, preferably coursing.

Left: spring 2008 start at Rifferswil for 1st
of 2 runs over
850 metres on heavy wet field ground -

litter sister Celeste and Czardas starting off for a great round!



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above: MCh. Czardas-Caravaggio,
Swiss Clubwinner 2008
left: Celestial Coraçon, a few days before giving birth to the Kala Saidan G-litter sired by our Dwight Sox