Breaking News 2009


In Memoriam
Juliette de Bairacli-Levy

November 11th 1912 - May 28th 2009

With deep regrets we learned of the passing of our old friend Juliette,
world famous herbalist and breeder of
the legendary Turkuman Afghans

Mai II


Results from Intern. Dog Show
St. Gallen, Switzerland, May 17th

MCh. Daruma’s Czardas-Caravaggio
ex 1, Veteran CAC, Vet. BOB
MCh. Daruma’s Coral Crest pic above
finishes her Swiss Championship
Hashirin’s Johara-Janani
ex 1 Junior CAC, Junior BOB

Happy 11th Birthday
on May 19th, 2009 to the
Daruma’s B-kids including our beloved
MCh. Daruma’s Boccherini-Bruegel
by the unforgettable
MBIS MCh. Verdi von Katwiga and
MCh. Binah of Shay Shooni

Mai I


May 9th: What a happy day!
Four healthy puppies
2/2 are born at
Swiss Kennel of Goldenqueen by our
MCh. Daruma’s Turkuman Dwigth Sox and Sajeda of Goldenqueen.
Puppy pics to follow soon.
(pics above and below: Sox)

Happy 12th Birthday
on May 13th, 2009 to all our
Daruma’s A-kids including our beloved
MBIS MCh. Daruma’s A’Motec-Zuma
by the unforgettable
MCh. Dali-Daruma el Aramis and
Ch. Faricka Jiftalh Jefta



Sunday, April 19th the sport season began for our four “younger Daruma’s” with the Couring at Rifferswil, twice over 750 meters
Goya-Denali     open 5th (out of 14)
MCh. Dwight Sox  Winner Seniors
MCh. Czardas         3rd seniors
Dschipak                 5th seniors

Time passes so fast:
Happy birthday
to the seven Daruma’s C-litter-kids:
8 years old on April 21st!
All the best and cordially “Merci”
to all the owners for their care!
above: Celeste and Czardas April 19th.



March 22nd 2009
Happy 3rd birthday to our Goya-
Kala Saidan
and his two brothers Gassur and Giocondo and pretty sister Giselle - our MCh. Daruma’s Turku-
man Dwight Sox’ and lovely Daruma’s Celeste kids

March 25th 2009
Happy 5th birthday to the Az Nur Aftab kids by MCh. Daruma’s Conte Monte Christo and beloved late Daruma’s A’Zaruma-Zahara Faricka. All the best to all ten A’s, thanks to their breeders Barbara and Ernst and all the A-owners



Happy 13th Birthday
T-litter el Gha’eb Santanna
 born March 15th, 1996
Breeder/owner: Sanda Terzic, Croatia

Snow since last October!
March 21st beginning of spring still all is white with heaps of snow in the kennel.
But the sun gets stronger!


Together with their loving owners
we have to say FAREWELL to the
wonderful Daruma’s A-litter kids

Daruma’s A’ Huxley-Schong “Baba”
13.05.1997 - 17.02.2009
Daruma’s A’Zaruma-Zahara Faricka
13.05.1997 - 26.02.2009


8 1/2 month old Hashirin’s Janani gave her show debut at Intern. Dog Show Fribourg, Switzerland under US-judge Ms. J. Austin: “Meilleur très jeune”.

Daruma’s A-litter



Wishing a great New Year:
Daruma’s boys and little Janani

11 1/2 year old MBIS MCh. Daruma’s A’Motec-Zuma speeding between heaps of snow

Daruma’s Afghans Switzerland
wish all the best to you and yours
and your afghan-darlings
for the year ahead and for a
great show and safe sporting season 2009