Bou Saâda's Jordan Black Hot Shot

22.02.1998 - 28.08.2003

MCh. Wind against Dreams Come True x Koh-I-Baba’s Hanam-Ni

Beatrix Märki, Switzerland

Near German Champion

Father of
Daruma’s C-litter

We cordially thank Beatrix Märki for lovely Jordan as husband for our Daruma’s Ayesha-Hikuri. This fabulous match resulted in a magnificent and successful Daruma’s C-litter:
MCh. Coral Crest
MCh. Conte Monte Christo
Ch. Czàrdàs-Caravaggio

We deeply regret Jordan’s early death in summer 2003.

Jordan’s v.d.O.M-descent mothersides from Koh-I-Baba’s Hanam-Ni was not to oversee looking at this beautiful b&cream male, despite the spectacular fatherline:
Ch. Rhythm of the Night (Taco-son), Ch. Tifarah High Flying Victory (grand father)
and MCh. Wind against Dreams come true (father).