BIS Nuh Belae Turkuman Hennah

May 18th, 1994 -
December 14th, 2005

Kharamon of Ghazni x
Turkuman Wild Swan Lily

Breeders: Juliette de Bairacli-Levy,
Barbara Dawson, USA
Owners: Daruma’s

Winner Berner Cup 1998
Winner SWRV 1999
Winner Eurocup ‘99
Swiss Winner Beauty & Performance 2000

and over the years many wins in Beauty & Performance

Veteran Best-in-Show
Rifferswil April 2005

Pedigree and more Julie pics


In the early hours of December 14th Julie travelled over
the rainbow. Julie is survived by her five children and
ten grand-children in USA and Switzerland.
“Julie Turkuman” was a great D-litter mother, a charming and most affectionate family- and honoured Daruma’s gang member. Above with her friend Binah and Heidi.

Goodbye beloved Julie, we all miss you!