BIS Ch. Faricka Jifthal Jefta

25.04.1992 - 27.07.2001

Ch. Mohahazy Nizar Nuraddin  x
Hella Mariental Moravia of Faricka

BIS Hungarian Champion
Multiple Hungarian
No. 1 Afghan

Péter Kottra, Faricka Afghans, Hungary
Co-owners 1997/Registered in Switzerland SHSB 551598:
Heidi Rohrer/Péter Kottra
Owner from 1998 on:
Edith Kuppelwieser
Switzerland (owner of Jeffis son Daruma’s A’Mithrash-Fu)

Mother of three extremely far reaching Champions:
Ch. Faricka Pakh
Ch. Faricka Pasha
MCh. Daruma’s A’Motec-Zuma

We will always remember the Daruma’s foundation bitch “Jeffi” with great love, affection and gratitude
for what she gave to the Daruma’s A-litter,
as a caring mother and
as a lovable family member

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To Darumas A-litter

Love at first sight between Ch. Dali-Daruma el Aramis and Ch. Faricka Jiftalh Jefta resulted in a litter of 4/5 as Daruma’s A-litter.
Due to sudden familiar reasons of Hungarian breeder Péter Kottra it was decided to leave “Jeffi”, Hungary’s most winning afghan hound ever in Switzerland at Daruma’s.

Ch. Faricka Jiftalh Jefta presented us on
May 13th, 1997 nine wonderful puppies, all gold with black mask.
In October 1997 Jeffi went home to her breeder Péter Kottra to Budapest, where she no more went on with her litter-sister Jaffa.

That led to her next journey back to Switzerland and forever to the home of her son
Daruma’s A’Mithrash-Fu at Edith Kuppelwieser.
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Pedigree: Faricka Jiftalh Jefta
born 25.04.1992
SHSB Nr. 551598  ( 337476)
breeder: Péter Kottra, Hungary

To Daruma’s A-litter




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