3/4  19.05.1998                                       MCh. Verdi von Katwiga x
PEDIGREE                                 MCh. Binah of Shay Shooni



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May 19th 2009: Happy 11th Birthday
to our beloved Darumaís B-litter kids
and in sweet memory of Biwa, Bellini and Barbizon!

The whole family is thrilled about Binahís puppies: Julie (above) and 14 months old AíMotec-Zuma take a lot of babysitting, Moti digging earth holes for the puppies to keep them cool in this very hot summer of 1998 -

and the Bís adore him!
(right and below right)

below: Beautiful mama Binah with her lovely gang.

Funny girl Boccherini-Bruegel

above: Heidi playing games with the Bís

at right: after first show in junior class the four B-girls are winning a Darumaís breeders group at national dog show Versoix, Switzerland

above: Bonnard at 14 months
and at right
as a lean young male
at the age of 3 years.

below: Barbizon at 4 years
enjoying his Pasha-life

at right: Pretty baby Boleyn
won a Puppy Best-in-Show
and grew up to a most beautiful lady.

Below at the age of 9 years.

Britten winning JBIS under judge Ms L. Mach, handled by her owner and our friend Urs Hunziker,
Kala Saidan Afghans

Britten is the most docile of all B-kids and
the older she gets (below at 8 years), the more
she resembles her unforgettable mother
Binah of Shay Shooni!

Britten is the mother of the F-litter Kala Saidan.

Brittten below summer 2006 on a visit at Darumaís.

May 19th 2008:
The B-litter-kids celebrate their 10th birthday!

Pic left juin 2007:
The three litter sisters (from left) Boleyn, Britten and Bruegel

at their 9th birthday.


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