A’Zaruma-Zahara Faricka

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updated May 2009 with more pics

May 13th 2009: Happy 12th Birthday
to our beloved Daruma’s A-litter kids!

1st birthday of the Daruma’s A-litter

from left: A’Mithrash-Fu, A’Motec-Zuma, Akasha-Tarahuma, A’Zaruma-Zahara Faricka, A’Zuchitl-Pilli, A’Huxley-Schong

Fun with our
A-kids as a breeding group
at Intern. Allbreed Show Lausanne 1998

from left:
A’Mithrash-Fu, Akasha,
A’Gilsaï-Koba, A’Huxley-Schong, A’Motec-Zuma

above and below: Azaruma wins the Junior class at Kleindöttingen.
Owner: B. Borner

at right:
A’Mithrash-Fu, 14 months old

Young A’Motec-Zuma, our late mothers’ choice when he just was a few minutes old, stayed with Daruma’s and became our mothers’ last love (below)
Motec at right with Heidi

above: Akasha wins the
the Swiss Junior Top Ten 1992
Owner: U.+H. Hunziker,
Kala Saidan Afghans Switzerland

above: A’Mithrash-Fu wins the Junior class/J-BOB at Kleindöttingen.
Owner: E. Kuppelwieser

Our crazy young Daruma’s A-kids
At the first start in February 1999 after licensing in autum 1998:
A’Motec-Zuma wins the hurdle race on snow on the frozen lake of St. Moritz, his litter-brother A’Mithrash-Fu takes 2nd and his litter-sister Akasha-Tarahuma 3rd in a packed field of six experienced afghan hounds (below)

These two litter-
brothers (left) A’Mithrash-Fu and (right) A’Motec-Zuma especially loved coursing in younger years.

10th birthday of the Daruma’s A-litter

from left: A’Motec-Zuma, Ayesha-Hikuri, A’Huxley-Schong, A’Mithrash-Fu, A’Zaruma-Zahara

Daruma’s A-litter 10th birthday party on the racetrack of Switzerlands’ oldest sighthound racing club SWRV at Rifferswil near Zurich became a great Daruma’s family party.
Below: Return after running free all together.

above: Ayesha

above: A’Zaruma (left), mother of A-litter Az Nur Aftab,
with her sister Ayeshas’ daughter Coral Crest

Left: Young A’Zaruma in winter vacation at Crans-Montana with Barbara and Ernst

and above Mama A’Zaruma-Zahara Faricka with two of her lovely daughters at Roquebrune in south of France in summer holiday

above: lovely A’Huxley-Schong “Baba” in his garden

at right:
A’Huxley “Baba” (left) with his companion Cartouche

Below: another A- and C-litter tandem:
“Mr. Fu” (right) with “his” Edith and Conquest of Paradise “Pery” (left)
with her niece Jacqueline

A’Motec-Zuma, father of D-litter: 10th birthday run

A’Mithrash-Fu, father of F-litter

above, at right and below at right: Ayesha-Hikuri, mother of C-litter

above, in front Ayesha-Hikuri, mother of C-litter, behind her
litter-brother A’Mithrash-Fu, father of F-litter at Kala Saidan

Our friend Edith with her beloved A’Mithrash-Fu!

Summer 2008

Heidi with our Daruma’s
A’Motec-Zuma (father of Darumas D-litter) and his litter-sister Ayesha-Hikuri (mother of Daruma’s C-litter)

Pedigree: Daruma’s A’litter
born 13.05.1997
breeder: Heidi Rohrer, Switzerland

left and above: pretty Akasha-Tarahuma loved racing above all! She left much too young!

At left: A’Zarathustra Faricka “Zazz” with his daughter Angel.

Below young Zazz with his owner Nikki and as adult dog in the show ring.

Zazz was one of the first import-afghans in UK to get a Junior Warrant, Crufts Qualification and his British Kennel Club stud-number.

above: Heidi visiting young Zazz at Nikki’s home in GB.




Ch. Zuvenda Razcym.



Shirkden Shazam

Shirkden’s Libra of Ashan


Ch. Pahlavi Puttin’on the Ritz


Ch. Mecca’s Falstaff



Alarickhan’s Jehada Pahlavi

Ch. Khalife Cricket V Alarickhan

Dali-Daruma el Aramis



Ch. Zuvenda Renegade of Esfahan



Ch. Nightwatch Vail Summit

Ch. Wita Vail of Nightwatch


Ch. Queen Binte v.d. Irminsul


Ch. Hermes v.d. Irminsul



Ch. Binte v.d. Irminsul

Ch. Gorgo v.d. Irminsul








Ophir von Katwiga



Faisal von Katwiga

Larrimah von Katwiga


Ch. Mohaházy
Nizar Nuraddin


Kyros von Katwiga



Timuka von Katwiga

Zahira von Katwiga

MCh.Faricka Jiftalh Jefta



Jeheran’s Tutankhaman

SHSB Nr. 551598  (Met.Af.ag. 337476)


Bravo Kontrapunkt

Celestial Blue Khanabad


Hella Mariental Moravia of Faricka


Bell-Ami El Baraki Radjan



Brisca Kramolinka

Isolda Z Larisova


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